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Tatsumi Yudai

My first post

   So, let’s begin))

   I like dance in every form and music that makes our bodies move). So most of topics that will be discussed here are connected with dance))

   Here there is the list of tags, connected with JE. More details about each theme, lists of questions - will gradually appear in the next posts.


1.            M.A.D.                            main theme))) great dancers… but it’s hard to find information about them, especially, if you don’t know Japanese((

2.            M.A.                                no less great dancers)) there is more information about them, but still…

3.            TheyBudou                  M.A.D.’ child)

4.            Old                                   here I mean information about Juniors’ performances aired in 1997-2001. Most of those Jr. left JE in 1999-2002((( For example: Kohara Yuki, Hara Tomohiro, Kawano Naoki…

5.            Ex-Juniors                    information about talented people who have already left JE: Yonemura Daichiro, Kosaka Masato and so on…

6.            Miyazaki Ayumi         he is a composer and lyricist for many good JE (not only) songs, such as “Yokubou no Rain” (Kinki Kids), “Head Banging Boogie” (Question?), “Gomen Yo, Aishuu” (Ikuta Toma), “Ikujinashi” (Ya-Ya-Yah)

7.            Composers                    other people, who composed JE songs

8.            Covers                             classic old songs, covered by different Johnnys

9.            ABC, Kisumai               some their old perfomances, and perfomances, where they are backdancing for other singers