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Tatsumi Yudai

It’s finally done)))))

   Yes, I’ve finally changed my layout.. Although this one reminds previous (standard “Magic Paper” - Style Contest by Simone Plebani ).. But they are different.. completely different)).. (At least mine is Bloggish))

   I liked the feeling of something old in Magic Paper design… But it was really inconvenient, gloomy and narrow(((

   So I decided to write custom CSS from scratch… Although I remembered several things about CSS.. it was really difficult for me… And I don’t have acquaintances which can explain and show me how to do layouts(… I didn’t find good tutorials((..And I didn’t use any other design as model..

   So I just did this as I can understand)))

   The most of images were taken from previous layout and edited…


   I don’t know how this layout looks like in other Internet browsers (I use Mozilla Firefox)..

   So if you find smth strange while viewing my lj (especially in sidebar (‘cause it has really smth strange in layers)), please, tell me))

   And I hope that you don’t see advertisement in my LJ… I didn’t do anything with it - Firefox blocks advertisement for me… But I remember that in Internet Explorer there were a lot of ads((… So if you see ads – please tell me.. I’ll try to do smth with it)))


   And does anybody know: is it possible to hide your CSS in HTML-code from other viewers? I can share this layout with friends… but I don’t want unknown people to see it)) Yes, I’m really stingy))))) (it’s just took a lot of my time to do it)


   And other questions (not so important)):

1) Why I can’t change pictures for subject in comments (although I don’t think that smb will use it – just interesting))?

2) If you don’t write subject for you comment – is it possible to show picture in title? ‘cause LJ automatically don’t show .comment-header if there is no text in it((

3) Is it possible to change properties for userpic image on the reply page (.lj-view-reply)?..

4) How to change indent between paragraphs separated by <br> tag?

5) Is it possible to show in entries text like “Updated on XX at XX. ” automatically?


   And if you have ideas how to make design of this layout better – I’ll be happy to hear it))


   By the way, does anybody know why I can use only HTML-redactor for sending and editing entries? The visual redactor doesn’t work at all((