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Tatsumi Yudai

Quick post

   ((((Although tomorrow (already today) will be written tests in Analytical Chemistry and English and I didn’t prepared for it… I’m here again))


   First of all – bad news: newshfan  will delete her account on the 1st October(((    such cruel people brought her to this decision(((

   Eru-chan ( hikaeru ) I should warn you – I’ve already seen two your subbed videos (one - with Question? another - kat-tun medley) on-line streaming(((… but I can ‘t persuade these people to delete those videos… the only thing  I can do – to write credits to you…


   Smth funny – somebody recommended ME  - MY  LJ to learn about MAD’s performances …)) I feal really strange))


Упс =3 Кажется, я догадываюсь, о ком речь в последнем предложении?
Неа))) - мне ВКонтакте написали про меня же недавно))) так забавно))
А-а-а! XD Меня смутило тире - я подумала, что порекомендовали тебя и ты уточнила, что твой жж-аккаунт.
Забавно :)

Кстати, одна моя хорошая знакомая сделала арххив жж Ньюсхфан. Могу кинуться ссылкой, если нужно.
Ну, авторские знаки (особенно в моём исполнении XD) – штука правилам не подлежащая)) Я порой сама себе ужасаюсь, сколько этих тире я успеваю понаставить, если кому-то по почте пишу))

.. P.S. – здоровская авка))))
My dear~ *Hugs* I'll take time to reply your PM properly ne? But REALLY!! not now...

Good luck with your exam dear~ I wish you allllll the very best! Ganbatte!!

About Newshfan, ya... They're so cruel!! Poor her ne...

Oh!? Really? I also found two before, the Question? ones...
Thanks for informing since I don't use YouTube always.

Smth funny – somebody recommended ME - MY LJ to learn about MAD’s performances …))
Huh? Why? In good way?
Thanks for your support!)) although it is not exam indeed.. but with that teacher – everything is like exam((((
So – your words really helped me… I thought I would die(( 2 days without any sleep((( ...I was like somnambulist...

In good way?
Yup.. In very good way)) I didn’t know that somebody from Russia have seen may posts…
Ah! Can you give me the link to the videos?
Of course I can (I've sent you PM)
But I think these links will be locked for you((..