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Snow, snow, snow!)))))))

   I've waited for you for so long!)) Although we had temperature below zero already in the middle of September.. But snow is falling only now...)) Everything became so bright and light!!))) I hope you will not melt tomorrow, ne?



so.cold.already O.O

you live in russia amiright?
But we had +13 for few days in the beginning of November))) so it's really warm autumn))
And strange in the same time... Usually all trees almost simultaneously change leaves' color and almost simultaneously shed them... but this year different species of trees did it in different time.. so strange....

Yup))) Russia))
its still autumn here though =O
but they say this winter is going to be like last years
which was cold
and ive never had seen soooo much snow in my life

and frankly
the only snow i want to see for longer that a week
is mis snow man
I like snow... especially like thiat now we have: when temperature is near zero.. so you can play snowballs.. and snow is lying on branches of trees.. and on rowan trees..

---dazzling white snow on bloody-red berries...-----

(*I've forgot camera today((((
hahaha something like *insert beautiful picure here* ?

if i were to make a picture of last years winter it would look like a dirty cityt with roads full of sand because the sal they use against ice was gone, and lots of people falling over right after they stepped out of the bus. And some people standing again with wet butts

its a glamourous sight really