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Tatsumi Yudai

Last Updates + Excuses


   I had a little free time recently, so I’ve made several updates in my list.. Here they are:


   TV-shows with MA:

少年隊夢 - several episodes of these programme have been added


   TV-shows with MAD:

Link for   raw (HD!!!)   Uchi Hiroki “Master Key” - 2009.09.06 has been added


   PLAYZONE series:

PLAYZONE'01 EMOTION〜 新世紀〜 - has been added

PLAYZONE'02 愛史 - has been added

PLAYZONE'03 Vacation - has been added

PLAYZONE FINAL 1986-2008〜SHOW TIME Hit Series〜 Change - I’ve added another link on DVD (Maybe quality should be even better, but I haven’t compared them videos yet..))



December: WU Dengonban (scan+translation)

Also I’ve added links on last enshinge’s and quacky_orange’s scans



   I bring my apologizes to neivaxx and greatfountain again - I am the one who was so anxious for talking, but now.. conditions are over me.. I can’t spend a lot of time here((

   I bring my apologizes to kristy_kxk - it’s surprising that I still remember about your message, ne? but, seriously, I’ll answer later..

   I bring my apologizes to bhig and tianka_tyan - не думаю, что я смогу быстро отвечать на письма..